Just four fabulous focus fabrics from "The Dress" fabric line.

Confetti Ombre is back!  We have jellyrolls, and all 20 bolts!

Old Guys Rule Fabric!  We've cut a few pillowcase kits from this great man print!

We're bumping up our baby department.  Come and get inspiration for your next baby project.  Or you can buy ready-made baby items.  We also have serged and hemstitched receiving blankets and burp cloths.

Hemstitched Receiving Blanket

Bunny Flannel
Ready-made Baby Items For Sale
Gauze and Knit Swaddle Blankets

Pastel Woodland Nursery Cotton

Serged Blanked and Burp Cloth

Baby Cotton With Cute Critters

Mitered Corner Minky Blankets

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