60 Years Block of the Week

These patterns are in a pdf format.  If you are unable to 
open them with your computer, phone or other gadget, you need to get a pdf reader.

Here's the last block!  I'll give you until the end of January to finish your quilt.  Then we'll have a show-and-tell party.

Block #60 -- Danish Pinwheel

Block #59 -- Split Star

Blocks #57 and #58 -- Mix & Match

Block #56 -- Twisted Around 

Block #55 -- God's Eye

Blocks #53 and #54 -- Clones

Block # 52 -- Lilly Pad

Blocks #50 and #51 -- Apples

Block #49 -- Exploding Star

Block #48 -- Lilies All Around

Block #47 -- Jacob's Ladder

Block #46 -- Honey Home

Block #45 -- Double Dutch Pinwheel

Block #44 -- Bonbons

Blocks #42 and #43 -- Narrow Pinwheel 

Block #41 -- Honey Bee

Block #40 -- Autumn Leaf

Block #39 -- School Girl Puzzle

Blocks #35, #36, #37 and #38 -- Easy Bowtie

Block #34 -- Formal Garden

Block #33 -- Flight of the Geese

Block #32 -- Frames

Block #31 -- Woven

Block #30 -- Star Crossed

Block #29 -- Fannie's Choice

Block #28 -- Sweet Cottage

Blocks #26 and #27 -- Shoo Fly Pie
Make two 4-inch blocks

Blocks #24 and #25 -- Arrow
Make two 4" X 8" blocks.

Block #23 -- Sunshine
You may want to add some decorative stitches or embellishments.

Block #22 -- Neapolitan  

Block #21 -- Bursting Star

Block #20 -- Propeller

Block #19 -- Water Wheel

Block #18 -- Blackford's Beauty

Blocks #16 and #17 -- Broken Dishes
Make two 4-inch blocks

Block #15 -- Crown of Thorns

Block #14 -- Farmer's Daughter

Block #13 -- Patch Star

Block #12 -- Oh, Susanna!

Block #11 -- Ring Around the Posey

Block #9 and #10 -- Churn Dash  
Make two 4-inch blocks that coordinate with your Valentine Swag.  Sew the Churn Dashes on the top or bottom of your Valentine Swag block.

Block #8 -- Valentine Swag

Block #7 -- Missouri Star

Block #6 -- Double X

Block #5 -- Triangles and Squares

 Block #4 -- Appliqued Butterfly

Make two 4-inch blocks.

 Here's Block #1 -- Dutchman's Puzzle.


Lets talk about fabric selection... 

It's a good idea to select your focus fabrics first.  Then you can coordinate the other fabrics to go with it.

Include some basic design elements:
     -- light, medium and dark
     -- small, medium and large scale prints
     -- solids or subtle prints that "read" a solid 

Here's a picture of the fabrics I've chosen for my fabric pallet.

I've got them arranged by color in my Dollar Store basket.  You can see my 4 focus fabrics in the front. I'm going bright and scrappy and have pulled half of these fabrics from my stash.

You could also stay in a fabric family or collection.  Here's a list of different fabric collections:

     -- Batiks
     -- 1930' Reproductions
     -- Civil War Reproductions
     -- Holiday Prints
     -- Kaffe Fassett, Kim Diehl, or any other favorite fabric 
     -- Pastels
     -- Brights
     -- Novelty Fabrics (think "I Spy")
     -- Dark and Dirty


Here's another fabric pallet that I'll try to work with simultaneously.  It's my Civil War reproductions.  In this pallet, I've limited the colors to black, brown, gold, tan, and a little red and blue.


Stylish Fabrics BERNINA
Celebrating 60 years
1958  to  2018

Celebrate with us by joining our block of the week! 
 You’ll get a free pattern for 1 block everyMonday, 
which you will find on our blog,

Most blocks will be 8” square.  But we’ll make
  some smaller, duplicate blocks to make a
total of 60 blocks.  We’ll give you all of the blocks
by the end of November, so you’ll have December to
complete your quilt by the end of the year.

Put them together any way you like. 
You can make smaller quilts with fewer blocks. 
You can make a whole quilt from one or two blocks. 
Or you can make one, big, spectacular quilt. 

It’s just for fun! 
Use your stash, use a fat quarter bundle,
or buy yardage as you go.

We’ll meet once a month for show and tell and to get
help with your blocks.  Please join us on the last
Tuesday morning of each month at 10:00 am. 
Our first meeting will be January 30th.

We will also meet on the following dates:
February 27  
March 27  
April 24
May 29 
June 26  
July 31
August 28  
September 25  
October 30
November 27 
 December 18 — (before Christmas)


  1. Yippee! This is going to be so much fun! Just printed the patterns and I'm pulling fabrics! Thanks for this fun project!

  2. Thank you! Just what I need - another project! :)

  3. Thank you for this great BOM! I just saw this, so I am going to be late starting, but it looks so much fun to do!

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